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What is three-phase electric meter?

The three-phase electric meter is designed to measure electricity consumption and enhance energy efficiency. Unlike single-phase energy meters, the 3 phase electric meter box caters to industrial, factories, workshops, and large commercial buildings with large electrical demand. three-phase smart meters are able to handle three separate AC circuits, bringing a more balanced distribution of electrical loads.

Although a three-phase electric meter box is more expensive and complex than a 1-phase electric meter, they still have some advantages:

  1. High Capacity: Compared with 1-phase electric meters, three-phase electric meters can handle high-power industrial applications and heavy electrical loads.
  2. Accurate data: The three-phase electric meter balances the power load distribution, contributing to accurate information and fair bills.

What are the features of Londian three phase electric meter box

Focusing on good performance and reliable electric measurement, Londian three-phase electric meter has been awarded DLMS, KEMA, STS, and MID certification. It brings convenience and efficiency to utilities and end-users. Here are some key features of a three-phase electric meter:

  1. The three-phase meter comes with LCD screens to show electricity consumption, featuring high accuracy & lower cost in measuring electricity
  2. Supporting different types of communication interfaces, like Infrared/RS485/M-Bus(Optional)/Cellular/PLC/2.4G or SUB 1G wireless, a three-phase electrical meter box offers you more choices.
  3. With safe(Multiple Anti-tamper) and reliable post-payment mode & prepayment mode, our three-phase electricity meter box empowers you to use a three-phase electric meter box with confidence.
  4. The three-phase meter box can be used in ultra-wide voltage range, satisfying both residential and industrial demands.
  5. Easy to access after-sale support system, where you can solve any problems about how to install and use from our technical experts.
  6. Supporting delta package firmware upgrade, so that your three-phase electric power meters can be easily and quickly updated.
  7. Our three-phase electric meter is equipped with an exchangeable battery, featuring a longer service life than other energy meters.
  8. Supplying real-time monitoring and reporting for large-scale electrical systems, the Londian three-phase smart meter helps you optimize your energy usage and contributes to the environment.
  9. From user-friendly three-phase smart meter, utilities and end-users can get detailed energy consumption reports via different methods

The Londian 3-phase electric meter will offer you detailed energy consumption data and real-time monitoring. By carefully analyzing your large electrical demands and long-term power requirements, you can select Londian three phase electric meter, which has good after-sale service and support. Buy our three-phase electric meter with confidence. Quote us now! We will get back to you in 24 hours.

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