Best Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, data management systems, and communications, which allows utilities to collect real-time energy consumption data. Our AMI system is a turn-key project to help utilities easily manage energy use and cost, supporting services from metering installation, metering data collection, advanced analysis, and accurate billing to customers, contributing to energy management efficiency. The AMI system complies with industry-standard protocols such as DLMS and IDIS, offering you high-quality metering system solutions for electricity. Additionally, our system utilizes various communications technologies such as RF Mesh, 4G, and NB-IoT, easily integrating into your utility’s system.

Our Excellent Service for AMI system

From starting the AMI project, we have supported a lot of services more than just installation. We can help you keep your meters and software running smoothly during AMI operation. This ensures that your AMI system works without interruptions and unexpected costs.

a person who is checking the metering data management system

Before the AMI system, we will fully take your needs & requirements into consideration. With decades of metering experience and teams of experts, we are here to help you in the whole AMI process.

We are responsible for every aspect of the AMI system from designing smart metering solutions to handling the installation. By providing more comprehensive plans, we help you reduce the risk and save time.

According to your specific needs, we can design and customize ecological metering devices and solutions for you

We take care of small and large tasks with running an AMI system, including project management, system integration, and software engineering services. If you want to save your time and resources on AMI operation, our AMI solution is your best choice.

Our wide range of training services includes system architecture, configuration, management, operation and maintenance. We will bring you training materials and guides with our meters and software, so that you can get more knowledge and best practices out of your solution.

From starting the AMI project to the final finish, we can support everything you need, like some problems with electricity meters, communication networks, systems, servers, data storage, etc. We help utilities understand how to run and utilize advanced metering infrastructure and customer systems, so that they can quickly monitor, analyze, and manage energy use and cost

AMI systems can greatly improve utility operations and efficiency, better manage and save energy, reduce leak detection; and promote energy security and resilience. AMI fully supports meter reading, billing, and data collection all the time, making it a long-term intelligent metering solution for utilities


AMI turn-key project


  • AMI overall plan consultation.
  • AMI solution design and integration.
  • AMI customized ecological products.
  • Project management, System integration, and software engineering services.
  • Acceptance and Quality Plan
  • System training service: System architecture, configuration, management, operation and maintenance.
  • After sales services: Electricity meters, communication networks, systems, servers, data storage, etc.