Smart Metering for Sustainable Energy System

As a top energy management company in China, we are dedicated to providing 100% reliable and high-quality smart meters, solar energy storage batteries, energy management software and effective AMI solutions. It’s time to embrace the future of a more sustainable energy distribution. Through these services and devices, we are changing the way businesses and consumers measure and optimize energy, helping achieve a greener and more sustainable energy system that works better for sustainability and efficiency.

Following the latest IEC & EN standards, help utilities and end users manage energy consumption and bills

Smart meter

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Instant access to better manage and monitor energy consumption

Energy Management Software

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Connecting smart metering system solutions for electricity

AMI System

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Enable solar energy to be stored as stable backup power for businesses and homes, with flexible compatibility

Solar Energy Storage Battery

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Smart Meter Company LonDian Since 1996

Founded in 1996, China Londian has been growing into a high-tech and leading smart meter enterprise in the global market. With advanced production lines, research and development centers, and good after-sales service, we are recognized by our global customers, delivering nearly 30 million smart meters installed worldwide. In these years, we focus on energy cost efficiency, sustainable development, and new energy technology. As a leader in manufacturing and funding new energy infrastructure and metering technology, Londian is becoming a critical part of achieving our nation’s climate targets. We want to create a greener, sustainable, and low-carbon future for all.

Years helping utilities better manage & analyze energy cost

Strong Foundation to develop smart metering technology

Customers across metering, data, and other energy service

Great annual production capacity to fast delivery

Smart Metering Market


Having played a major role in the utility, industrial, commercial, and public sectors for more than decades, we have a deep understanding of what customers really need in the smart meter marketplace. In 2023, we manufacture and supply 19M smart meters to China, 4.8M smart meters to Europe, and 1.8M electricity meters to other countries. Through decades of hard efforts, our devices, software, and services cover many countries, such as Europe, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Successful Cases for Smart Meter Supply

Londian, a Chinese company, is a leading supplier of smart metering solutions and services to the world, with over 4.6 million smart energy metering devices applied in Nordic Countries, like Norway, Sweden and Finland, which have quite strict requirements for quality and reliability. We deliver low-carbon energy solutions and metering technologies that create more sustainable utilities and businesses.



Smart Meter Supply

  • Norway Market Share 55%
  • Finland Market Share 40%
  • Sweden Market Share 15%

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