What Makes Londian Single Phase Electric Meters a Preferred Choice?

As smart electricity meter manufacturers, here at Londian, we are excited to introduce our advanced solution for energy monitoring with the Londian LD103 single phase electric meter. Designed to meet the evolving needs of modern energy management, our smart power meter offers a range of features to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and control in energy measurement applications. Whether in residential areas, apartments, schools, or public buildings, Londian’s smart meter provides a flexible and reliable solution for monitoring and managing electricity consumption.

Enhancing Energy Monitoring Capabilities with Londian’s LD103 Smart Meter

Londian’s LD103 China single phase smart meter is a versatile and intelligent solution for energy monitoring, offering both prepayment and postpayment modes to suit different user preferences. With a wide voltage range and multiple anti-tamper features, our smart meter ensures accurate and reliable measurement of electricity usage, providing users with valuable insights into their energy consumption patterns. The flexibility of communication modules, including cellular, PLC, RF, and other wired/wireless options, allows seamless integration into various energy management systems, making our smart meter a valuable asset for utilities and consumers alike.


Ensuring Safety and Reliability in Energy Measurement

At Londian, we prioritize safety and reliability in all our products, and the LD103 smart meter is no exception. Equipped with internal and external relay control, exchangeable batteries, and advanced anti-tamper mechanisms, our smart meter offers a secure and tamper-resistant solution for energy measurement. Additionally, our smart meter is designed to meet DLMS and IEC standards for conformance, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with existing energy management systems. With Londian’s smart meter, users can trust in the accuracy and integrity of their energy data, enabling effective energy management and cost control.


Tailored Solutions for Various Environments

One of the key strengths of Londian’s LD103 smart meter is its adaptability to different environments and usage scenarios. Whether installed in residential areas, schools, government agencies, or public buildings, our smart meter delivers reliable and precise energy measurement capabilities, helping users track and optimize their electricity consumption. With optional communication interfaces such as 4G/3G/2G, PLC, RF, and other wired/wireless modules, Londian’s smart meter offers a customizable solution to suit the specific requirements of diverse applications, ensuring seamless integration and efficient energy monitoring in any environment.



Londian‘s LD103 China single phase smart meter is a game-changer in energy monitoring, offering advanced features, safety, and reliability to enhance energy management for residential and commercial applications. With a focus on precision, flexibility, and security, our smart meter empowers users to monitor and control their electricity usage effectively, leading to cost savings and sustainability. Contact us today to explore how Londian’s smart meter solutions can revolutionize your energy monitoring practices and support your journey toward a more efficient and sustainable future.

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