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Smart Electricity Meter For Energy Management

The smart electricity meter is a kind of self-reading meter, capable of measuring and monitoring energy use, leading to low-carbon and sustainable development. They provide more accurate real-time information on energy consumption than conventional meters, contributing to utilities, commercial buildings and end-users. The smart meters for electricity allow users to monitor how much they consume, and what payment method they want, good for managing electricity costs and usage, saving energy, and lowering their bill.
Followed by IEC and EN standards, the Londian smart electricity meter highlights the highest level of quality and safety, and brings significant benefits to utilities and end users. Our electric smart meter offers all the functions that you expect, including communication technology.
We manufacture single-phase and 3-phase electric smart meters. Single-phase electricity meters are suitable for residential homes and small businesses with lower power needs, while 3-phase electric meters are widely applied in industrial and large commercial settings with higher power requirements. You can choose different types of smart energy meters according to your needs.
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Benefits Of Smart Electricity Meter

  • Benefits for End-users

Consumption Monitoring: The end-users can know energy data, maximum demand, billing, and load profile through different communication ports easily, helping monitor and control energy consumption.
Supply Monitoring: The smart electric meter features power quality and harmonic measurement functions, making it easy for end-users to monitor the power supply.
User-friendliness: With an electricity smart meter, end-users can get the consumption information via different methods.

  • Benefits for Utilities

Reduce Inventory Cost: Our smart electrical meter endures a Long life and ultra-wide voltage range, covering most of the installation configurations to reduce operating costs.

Reduce Network Maintenance Cost :

  • Support various communication ways: Our smart power meter embeds different communication ways, such as a local infrared communication port, optional RS485 port, plug and play 4G/3G/2G, PLC, RF, and other wired/wireless communication modules.
  • Support communication protocol: The communication protocol complies with DLMS/COSEM standards, more easier to integrate smart energy meters with the utility’s system.
  • Support various communication channels: The utility can select different communication channels based on specific environments, perfectly meeting your requirements.

Reduce man-made Losses: In order to prevent human intervention, the smart meter device is combined with multiple tamper-proof functions, including magnet detection, phase & neutral line measurement, open circuit detection of instrument cover and terminal cover, etc. Once happening tampering events, the Londian smart electricity meter will generate alarms and send this information into the system to reduce human errors.
Easy to Manage End-users: Pairing with the smart interfaces & load control functions, the smart electric meter enables utilities to better manage the end-users.

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