Londian strike a pose on the stage of Enlit Europe 2023

On November 28th, 2023, Enlit Europe 2023 kicked off at the Porte de Versailles International Exhibition Center in Paris, France, where enterprises and organizations related to the global power and energy industry gathered together to celebrate the grand event.

As the largest and most authoritative energy industry event in Europe, Enlit Europe covers power, water, heat, gas and other energy fields, involving smart metering, smart grid, data management, smart home and other topics, bringing together power and energy head companies, government agencies and industry experts from many countries around the world, tens of thousands of professional visitors, together to help the global energy transformation and upgrading.

Londian – a global leader in smart meter and new energy, exhibited its smart metering products and smart energy solutions at the exhibition this time. In its boothof No. 7.2.H51, Londian welcomed all visitors from power and energy industry and showcased the latest technologies and products, discussing the future energy development and industry trends in Europe and around the world.

Europe is the first region with the greatest determination and strength in the digital transformation of global power and energy. Europe is one of the crucial overseas market for Londian, and Londian has been deeply rooted in the European market for many years, especially in the five Nordic countries with high standards and strict requirements. Londian has been supplying over 5 million meters, with an average annual delivery of more than 400,000 units, ranks first in the market. Relying on stable product quality and excellent service, Londian reaches a long-term win-win cooperation with its European customers and partners, and promotes the digitalization of European smart power.

Londian will continue to innovate and iterate its technologies and products, always aiming to become the reliable partner in global power and energy industry, and contribute to the energy digital transformation and upgrading.

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