Voltsmile debut at the Expo INTERSOLAR

On June 14, the 2023 Munich Solar Photovoltaic Expo INTERSOLAR Europe opened at the Munich New International Expo Center. As one of the world’s largest and most influential new energy exhibitions, it is the core part of the European Smart Energy Exhibition (THESmarter E). Together with Europe’s largest and most visited battery energy storage technology exhibition (eesEurope), it attracts more than 1,700 exhibitors from all over the world.
As an important layout of Longdian Huaxin in the field of new energy, Voltsmile advocates a green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon lifestyle, explores and develops new green and low-carbon energy, and is committed to becoming a leader in distributed smart energy solutions, solving European and Due to the shortage of fossil energy and energy shortages caused by the continuous rise of electricity prices and high electricity costs for global customers, they advocated home smart energy solutions at the INTERSOLAR exhibition, and provided overseas home users with power storage and management services through the intelligent integration of software and hardware. The humanized service that integrates electricity, electricity consumption, and electricity saving makes household electricity use more efficient, smarter, and more energy-saving. Through a smarter management system, users can clearly see the electricity generated, consumed, and stored at home every day , and at the same time carry out scientific power management to achieve sustainable energy saving, which is favored by users and industry customers.

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