Londian Prepaid Electricity Meters: Redefining Energy Monitoring

In the dynamic world of energy management, Londian is leading the way with our cutting-edge prepaid electricity meters. Our company is committed to providing innovative solutions that revolutionize energy monitoring. With Londian prepaid electricity meters, customers can take control of their energy consumption and make informed decisions. Let’s explore our range of prepaid meters and discover how they redefine energy monitoring in various settings.


Single Phase DIN Rail Smart Prepaid Meter


At Londian, we take pride in offering the LD108 single-phase DIN Rail smart prepaid meter. This meter is designed to deliver advanced measurement capabilities, ensuring accurate and reliable energy monitoring. It has gained popularity in residential areas, apartments, and government agencies, where precise energy measurement is crucial. The LD108 meter is the perfect companion for those seeking a seamless energy management experience.


The LD108 meter boasts key parameters and features that set it apart from traditional meters. With a wide voltage range of 100-240V, it is compatible with diverse power systems. The meter’s measurement accuracy for active energy is of the highest standard, classified as active: classe 1/ classe B réactive: classe 2. Additionally, it offers multiple communication interfaces, including an infrared port and a cable/PLC/RF port to the Customer Interface Unit (CIU). This plug-and-play functionality ensures seamless data transfer and convenient top-up options for users.


Single Phase Smart Prepaid Meter


Londian’s LD103 single-phase prepaid electric meter is the epitome of intelligent features and prepaid convenience. It caters to a wide range of settings, including residential areas, schools, and public buildings, where versatile energy monitoring is required. The LD103 meter combines reliability and innovation to provide customers with an unparalleled energy management experience.


One of the standout features of the LD103 electricity prepaid meter is its plug-and-play communication modules. These modules, which can be cellular, PLC, RF, or other wired/wireless options, enable seamless connectivity. Users can effortlessly monitor their energy consumption remotely and access features such as querying and top-up through our user-friendly Customer Interface Unit (CIU). The LD103 meter empowers customers with real-time information and control over their energy usage.


Three Phase Smart Prepaid Meter


Londian’s three-phase smart prepaid meter is the ultimate solution for high precision measurement in commercial buildings and enterprises. With this meter, businesses can optimize their energy consumption for improved operational efficiency. Our three-phase meter ensures accurate readings and provides invaluable insights into energy usage patterns.


The advantages of using Londian’s three-phase smart prepaid meter are numerous. It offers unparalleled precision measurement across multiple phases, making it ideal for complex power systems. By accurately monitoring energy consumption, businesses can identify areas for optimization and cost savings. The Londian three-phase meter is a reliable tool that empowers enterprises to make data-driven decisions for enhanced performance.




In conclusion, Londian prepaid electricity meters are redefining the landscape of energy monitoring. With the LD108 and LD103 single-phase meters, as well as the three-phase smart prepaid meter, our company provides advanced solutions for accurate and intelligent energy measurement. Whether it’s in residential areas, schools, or commercial buildings, Londian prepaid electricity meters empower customers to take charge of their energy consumption. Choose Londian for innovative solutions that redefine energy monitoring and contribute to a sustainable future.

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