Londian Energy Management Software: Empowering Smart Metering Solutions

At Londian, we are proud to offer our state-of-the-art LonV+ Vending System as part of our comprehensive renewable energy asset management software. Our energy management system is designed to provide seamless token generation and management for prepaid services like electricity, water, gas, and more. With LonV+, our clients can easily generate credit, rekey, and management tokens in full compliance with the Transfer Standard (STS) specifications.


LonV+ Vending System: Seamless Token Generation and Management


Our LonV+ Vending System stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it simple to navigate and operate. It integrates seamlessly with other energy management systems, thanks to its IEC61968 web service interface, ensuring a smooth integration process. What’s more, LonV+ operates across multiple platforms, as it is built using Java and can run smoothly on various operating systems. With our distributed architecture, the system supports both horizontal and vertical expansion, allowing for scalability based on specific requirements.


One of the key advantages of LonV+ is its ability to support debt management, installment management, and multi-tenant/organization management. This ensures that our clients have the necessary tools to effectively manage their prepaid services. Additionally, LonV+ offers robust role management, allowing different permissions to be assigned based on specific roles within the organization. With its user log function, the system provides a comprehensive tracking mechanism for monitoring user operations.


LonH+ Head End System (HES): Integrating Intelligent Measuring Instruments


As a leading provider of energy management system software, Londian takes pride in our LonH+ Head End System (HES), an intelligent measuring instrument integration platform. Our HES supports the seamless integration of intelligent measuring instruments from various vendors, ensuring compatibility with international standards and protocols.


With over 20 years of industrial experience, Londian has developed an AMI ecosystem that adheres to open systems integration standards. LonH+ acts as a powerful communication and data services platform, facilitating integration with Meter Data Management (MDM), billing systems, Customer Information Systems (CIS), mobile applications, and more. By integrating intelligent measuring instruments, LonH+ enables our clients to leverage accurate and real-time data for better decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.


One of the standout features of LonH+ is its open and universal nature. The energy management system is designed to work seamlessly with utility devices that meet international and regional standards, including IEC 62056, DLMS, IDIS, ANSI, and more. LonH+ also provides a range of standard data models (CIM) that enable interconnectivity between different energy management systems, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.


LonM+ Data Management System: Streamlining Data Collection and Analysis


At Londian, our LonM+ Data Management System (MDMS) plays a crucial role in energy management by streamlining the collection, storage, and processing of data from smart metering systems. LonM+ handles data from various utility meters, including electricity, water, gas, and heat meters, providing valuable insights for billing, customer service, fault management, and other utility applications.


With LonM+, our clients gain access to a robust platform for data collection and analysis. The system collects and aggregates data from smart meters in real-time, ensuring accurate and reliable information for decision-making. LonM+ also supports seamless integration with other systems, allowing for a comprehensive view of energy usage and enabling proactive energy management strategies.




In summary, Londian’s energy management software, including LonV+ Vending System, LonH+ Head End System (HES), and LonM+ Data Management System, offers comprehensive solutions for optimizing energy consumption and streamlining operations. Our energy management systems empower businesses and organizations to make informed decisions based on accurate data. Choose Londian for innovative energy management solutions that drive efficiency and contribute to a sustainable future.

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