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Get Smart with Energy Consumption

Energy management system (EMS) is an efficient computer-aided tool & cross-connective platform. They enable utilities to optimize energy use & cost, and build a private data network, leading to a low-carbon and greener future.

By implementing this powerful LonM+ energy software, many utilities can improve work efficiency and do a lot with sustainable development.

1)From a high-level overview to detailed data analysis, our energy management software can provide accurate energy reports, saving your time & money. They enable you to monitor and manage energy usage in an easy and smart way.

2)Our energy app is designed to help people keep life green and easy. Through minimizing waste and promoting energy efficiency, our utilities and cities can reduce their carbon footprint.

3)Using smart energy software can be considered as a competitiveness. They can simplify the capture of data, and reduce man-made errors.

Whether you’re starting a small business or expanding a smart grid, we’ve got you covered. Empower your data-driven transformation, making your energy management network more intelligent.

What kinds of energy management software we supply?

1.LonV+ Energy Billing Software(Vending System)

Following STS international open standard, this EMS Software is used to generate credit, rekey, and management tokens for electricity, water, gas and other prepaid services.

2.LonH+ Energy Analytics & Monitoring Software(Head End System)

Energy trading software supports multiple instrument vendors and the integration of intelligent measuring instruments, perfect for data collection and communication with over 100,000 meters.

3.LonM+ Energy Data Management Software

This LonM+ energy software is a system that collects, stores, and processes data from smart metering systems, supporting bills, customer service, fault management and other utility applications.

Why choose us

1) Effective: Our energy management software provides you a convenient & instant access to collect data and manage energy consumption, making it an interactive platform to support teamwork for cost-effective utilization of resources.

2)Real-time: Elevate your data quality through our management services. Our energy software can provide real-time energy data to you, wherever you are. By realizing how much you spend over the year, you can make better decisions for energy consumption, both good for your pockets & environment.

3)Effortless Integration: EMS software seamlessly integrates with other systems, smoothly running on multiple platforms. Our comprehensive software allows utilities to create a more integrated workflow. Just leave the complex things to us, so you can fully concentrate on your energy efficiency and intelligence

4)Strong Security: Lon+ energy management and services will keep your data secure, so you can operate our EMS software with confidence.

5)Safety Standardization:

-DLMS/COMSEM, IEC62056/52/53, IEC61968, ISO27001

-Data encryption &ACL(HLS of DLMS, DES/AES128/256 Encryption, Password Encryption, System Access Control(Roles, Users, Orgs))

-Others measures(Hardware Firewall & IPS,Network Security, Windows Firewall & Hardening,  Log Audit, System Authentication)

6)After-sale service: We deliver the best after-sale service for you. If you have any problems with software integration, data collection and analysis, and energy payment, you can get help from our experienced experts effortlessly.

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