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Work for a Sustainable Future

By utilizing advanced technology, our battery energy storage system(BESS) such as lithium-ion batteries, stores and releases renewable solar energy when needed, greatly speeding up the energy transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy. A variety of battery energy storage systems are suitable for residential and commercial use. They are designed with advanced lithium-ion phosphate technology, offering large power capacity and long cycle life. Thus, the energy storage system battery can provide enough backup power during outages or periods of high energy demand.

High-quality Londian Battery Energy Storage System

  • Stackable Design:

The energy storage system provides an effective solution for homes & utilities. With a stackable and expendable design, this system brings more versatile and reliable options for energy storage.

  • Green Energy:

By storing solar energy, our BESS is able to support green & constant solar power sources to satisfy energy demands. The solar energy storage system promotes energy efficiency and sustainable development.

  • Efficient Operation:

The energy storage system is equipped with an APP for Real-time Monitoring and Remote Upgrade, so you can effectively utilize renewable energy as a backup energy source.

  • Reliable Quality:

Featuring an IP65 rating, our energy storage batteries can withstand heavy rain pour when mounted outdoors.

  • Easy Installation:

We have 2 ways of installation to choose from Wall-mounted and Floor-standing. Featuring built-in Busbars and an integrated wiring system, BESS installation is as easy as plug & play, saving you time and money.

  • High Safety:

Adhere to international quality standards, we offer safer energy storage batteries, like design, installation and operation.

  • Flexible Integration:

The lithium-ion battery energy storage is compatible with various applications effortlessly, including residential solar systems, commercial and industrial energy storage, and off-grid power systems.

  • Custom Service

Renewable energy storage batteries can be customized for our customer's specific needs, ensuring better performance and sustainability.

More Details about Londian Energy Storage Systems

Voltage capacity: Range from a few hundred volts (V) to thousands of volts

Security requirement: Higher safety requirements for BES design, installation, and operation

Energy efficiency: Lower the energy output loss, higher the energy utilization efficiency

Wide application: From home grid energy storage to electric vehicle charging

Stackable and scalable: With up to 12 modules, homeowners can quickly increase energy storage capacity at any time

Flexibility: IP65-rated, dustproof, and waterproof, suitable for various environments

Energy Sustainability: The stored solar new energy is used to power the home

The Benefits of Solar Energy Storage Batteries

The energy storage batteries bring green, efficient & reliable energy for homes & utilities.

1) Sustainable development

Installing a battery storage system battery in a home or business powered by renewable energy can reduce carbon emissions and save more energy, contributing to a greener future.

2)Lower energy costs

You could use free solar energy during peak periods to avoid higher charges, saving your money.

3) Independent power source

Renewable energy storage systems provide a constant energy supply, even at times when the energy grid doesn't work. It's a perfect power source for emergency backup in the event of a power outage.

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