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What are the features of Londian single-phase electric meter?

The 1 phase electricity meter is mostly used on a single alternating current (AC) circuit, and it can not handle large electric power loads. It's suitable for homes, small businesses, residential areas, apartments, school dormitories, residents, and government agencies where the electrical load is relatively lower. The single-phase electricity meter is an important tool to measure and analyze how much electricity you used last month. A high-quality single-phase electric meter is necessarily required, as it plays a crucial role in your daily life.

Advantages of 1-phase electric meters:

1. Easy to Install: The single-phase electricity meter doesn't have any complex construction, just install it on the wall
2. Small Size: The 1-phase electric meter only requires less space to install, perfect for residential & small business use.
3. Low Budget: Compared with three-phase electric meters, single-phase electric meters are more affordable to many people.

What are the features of Londian single phase electric meter?

Londian China single-phase electricity meter has been awarded DLMS, KEMA, STS, and MID certification, providing you with a stable & reliable measurement. some 1 phase electric meters are even equipped with external communication interfaces.

Types of Single-Phase Electricity Meter

Londian single-phase electricity meter has major 2 modes: post-payment mode and prepaid mode. There are different kinds of single-phase meter.

  • Smart Meters

The 1 phase electric meters support optional CIU/UIU/4G/3G/2G/PLC/RF, or other wired/wireless. so you can read the real-time data effortlessly no matter where you are. Through the meter, you can manage your electricity consumption, leading to an energy-saving future.

  • Prepaid Meters

This is a kind of single-phase electricity meter that requires electricity payment before you use it, just like"pay-as-you-go". When you fail to renewal fee, the electrical supply will be stopped, making it ideal for residential areas, apartments, and school dormitories.

  • DIN-Rail Meters

The single-phase DIN-Rail meter is intended for circuit breakers and industrial control equipment. They can incorporate industrial energy measurement systems for real-time data and automatic control.

  • Postpaid Meters

The postpaid single-phase electric meter is totally different from prepaid meters. The postpaid meters enable you to pay fees after using the electricity. This gives you confidence that you know how much you pay per kWh of electricity consumption.

  • Keypad Meters

Single-phase keypad energy meter is a type of energy meter based on STS standards. Its plug-and-play communication modules can support cellular, PLC, RF, or other wired/wireless modules. This type of 1 phase electric meter is widely used in many utilities and public buildings to measure power consumption.

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