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What is a Prepaid Meter?

The prepaid electricity meter is a type of meter that allows users to pay for energy before using it, not at the end of the month. It's different from other meters like credit card accumulating electricity debt. The prepaid electric meter is widely used in residential buildings, apartments, school dormitories, and other utilities. They not only provide a safe and reliable prepayment mode, but enable users to get quick and convenient access to electricity consumption, making it easier to optimize the budget and monitor energy use. With prepaid electricity meters, we can speed up sustainable and low-carbon green development.

What is the benefit of prepayment smart meter?

The prepaid electric meters always belong to smart meters, and they have some following advantages:

  1. Easier to track energy usage

By offering you real-time power-consuming reports, you can quickly know how much electricity you have used in the last time.

  1. Better to manage your electricity budget

After real-time monitoring of electricity usage, you can make a wise decision about your energy consumption, saving your cost & time.

  1. Friendly to the Environment

Through effective energy management, you can reduce electricity waste, moving towards low-carbon development.

  1. Reliable Payment

The electricity prepaid meter promotes recharge efficiency, realizing electricity payment without media. By adopting some reliable code types, our prepaid electricity meter brings high security, enhancing your confidence in energy pre-payment.

Our Prepaid Meter Service:

With the smart prepaid electric meter, you can find it easy to control your budget and conserve energy when you pay in advance. More importantly, they contribute to energy efficiency and green development. The electricity prepaid meter from Londian will be a perfect choice for you.

Installation and User Guide

We can offer an electric prepaid meter installation guide to you, helping you easy to follow. If you have any problems, you can get quick access to our experts.

Good Quality

Our electricity prepaid meter complies with IEC & EN standards and possesses ISC/MID/STS/KEMA/DLMS certification. Supported by professional experts, advanced equipment, research & development centers, an SMT & DIP production line, and an automatic calibration line, our electricity prepaid meter empowers you to optimize your energy usage & cost.

Affordable Price

Compared with other suppliers, we can offer more types of smart prepaid electric meters at competitive prices, such as 1-phase electricity meters, and 3-phase electric meter boxes.

Large Global Market

A total of 25 million prepaid electric meters are delivered to different countries. They are widely applied in Nordic Countries, Sweden, Ecuador, Germany, and China, where we share a great market share.

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