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What is a Home Energy Storage System?

The home energy storage system enables homeowners to store and utilize electricity from renewable energy sources, like solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower. The home energy storage system is a technological breakthrough, which will increasingly contribute to sustainable development. When these systems work with house electrical systems and off-grid solar systems, homeowners can achieve energy independence - use electricity with freedom and convenience, even in peak hours and lower electricity rates.

  • Eco-friendly: By using residential energy storage systems, homeowners will reduce their need for fossil fuel-based energy, leading to a lower carbon footprint and a greener future.
  • Cut Budget: The batteries for home energy storage help you save money, as homeowners can use free and sustainable new energy, rather than an electrical grid. Moreover, the system helps homeowners minimize energy costs during peak demand periods.
  • Safe Lithium-ion Battery: The most common type of home energy storage battery is lithium-ion batteries, which boast larger capacity and longer cycle life.
  • Stable Backup Power: The residential energy storage battery offers more reliable and stable backup power during outages, supporting the operation of your home appliances.

High-quality Londian Energy Storage Systems for Home

Londian is here to provide high-quality & reliable household energy storage batteries. We also support tailor-made energy solutions to meet the different requirements and build a low-carbon future. Our residential energy storage system covers 10 kW, designed for backup power, off-grid solutions, house appliances, self-consumption, load shifting, and peak-hour usage. If you search for energy storage batteries, Londian will offer you the best answer.

Stackable Design:

The house energy storage system provides an effective solution for homes & utilities. With a stackable and expendable design, this system offers more versatile and reliable options for energy storage.

Requirement Communication

If you have any specific requirements for home energy storage system, you could engage with our experienced sales team to discuss energy storage solutions in detail.

Technical Support

Our technical team is responsible for evaluating the situations & offering reliable energy storage solutions. They ensure that the clean energy storage solution meets customer requirements and reaches safety standards.

Custom Support

By utilizing software and tools, our engineering team analog and analyzes clean energy storage solutions to maintain good performance and reliability.

Sample Offering

We will send the home energy storage battery sample to customers in fast delivery.

Good Quality

If customers are satisfied with our residential energy storage systems, we will initiate mass production. Our manufacturing team follows customer requirements and international standards for mass production. We will strictly test the home solar energy storage product before shipping to ensure good quality.

On-Time & Safe Delivery

We use reliable packaging materials and methods to maintain the quality and integrity of energy storage batteries during transportation. We are committed to providing quality packaging solutions, preventing products from damage and breakout. Whether for domestic or international shipping, we promise on-time delivery.

Powerful Manufacturing

We boast a variety of advanced production facilities and equipment, featuring advanced production lines, automated processes, and precision manufacturing tools. With powerful production capacity, we can fasten product delivery.

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