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What is commercial energy storage battery?

The commercial energy storage system is an integrated energy storage solution designed for utilities, factories, commercial buildings, data centers, and industrial applications. It's a modern technological solution that guarantees a steady supply of electricity. These commercial energy storage batteries help businesses and organizations cut budgets, offer backup power, and optimize energy consumption. Commercial and industrial energy storage systems are always based on lithium-ion batteries, owing to their long cycle life, large capacity and efficiency.

The Features of Commercial Energy Storage Systems

As renewable energy technology and its market advance faster, commercial energy storage batteries are increasingly playing a crucial role in energy strategy. They can provide a constant power supply for utilities and businesses when the other energy supply stops due to weather & blackouts. Londian energy storage systems have a larger capacity, as they meet the demands of commercial and industrial applications.

  1. Battery Management SystemAPP

With our app, you can monitor your power generation and usage in real-time. Set preferences to optimize energy self-sufficiency, power outage protection, and energy savings. With instant reminders and remote access, you can control your commercial energy storage systems anytime, anywhere. Additionally, By managing your energy usage, our system helps businesses and utilities promote energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their low-carbon efforts.

- Get real-time updates on battery status

- Receive instant alerts in case of emergencies

- Display power for easy management

  1. Stackable Design

Commercial energy storage system provides an effective solution, allowing utilities and businesses to store excess energy and use it later. Our energy storage system is taking a step further, bringing more versatile and reliable options for energy storage. Designed with stackable and expandable functions, the system allows facilities and businesses to quickly increase their energy storage capacity as their needs change over time. The high-voltage energy storage systems are very suitable for utilities and commercial buildings.

  1. IP65 ratings

With IP65 ratings, these commercial energy storage systems are resistant to dust and water, making them suitable for various environments and conditions, more durable to use.

Featuring our reliable and high standards, we have delivered hundreds of commercial energy storage systems. In Londian, we will provide Energy Storage Solutions Services: OEM/ODM Services, Manufacturing and Production, System Integration, Customization and After-sales service.

Londian Mission

We are building a low-carbon energy storage solutions

We are providing green, efficient, and reliable power solutions for utilities, businesses, and industries

We have only one earth, one planet, one homeland. It's our responsibility to achieve global climate goals.

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