Londian LDT302 Three Phase CT & CT/PT Smart Meter: Reliable Measurement for Industrial and Substation Applications

Our company, as one of the most prominent smart energy meter suppliers, is proud to present the Londian LDT302 Three Phase CT & CT/PT Smart Meter, a high-precision solution designed for stable and reliable measurement functions in industrial and substation environments. With its advanced design, this smart meter ensures accurate measurement and provides valuable data for effective energy management. The plug-and-play communication modules offer flexible connectivity options, allowing seamless integration into various energy monitoring systems. The 3 phase electric meter box is widely used in a wide range of applications within industrial and substation settings.


Key Features of Londian LDT302 Three Phase CT & CT/PT Smart Meter


The LDT302 Three Phase CT & CT/PT Smart Meter incorporates several key features that enhance its performance and functionality. One of its primary features is the CT or CT/PT connection, which enables accurate current measurement. This ensures precise monitoring and billing based on actual energy usage, leading to fair and transparent energy management.


For enhanced functionality, the 3 phase electrical meter box offers an optional auxiliary power supply. This feature provides additional power to support various operations and functionalities, allowing greater flexibility in energy management systems. It ensures the meter’s reliable performance even during power outages or fluctuations.


Compatibility is a crucial aspect of the LDT302 3 phase electric meter box, thanks to its ultra-wide voltage range. Designed to operate within a voltage range of 0.7Un-1.3Un, the meter is suitable for different electrical systems commonly found in industrial and substation environments. This versatility allows for seamless integration and operation in diverse settings.


Advantages of Londian LDT302 Three Phase CT & CT/PT Smart Meter


To maintain data integrity and security, the LDT302 3 phase electric meter box is equipped with multiple anti-tamper features. These features include load unbalance detection, covers open detection, magnetic field detection, and neutral detection. By detecting and preventing tampering attempts, the LDT302 3 phase electric meter box ensures the accuracy and reliability of energy consumption data, providing peace of mind for users.


Our company understands the importance of easy maintenance and feature updates. That’s why the LDT302 3 phase electric meter box offers a delta package firmware upgrade option. This feature simplifies maintenance procedures by allowing firmware upgrades without the need for extensive equipment replacements. With easy updates, the LDT302 meter stays up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities, ensuring optimal performance and improved capabilities.


In line with our commitment to sustainability, the LDT302 meter features an environment-friendly and user-centric design. It promotes sustainable energy management practices by optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste. The user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and empowers users to make informed decisions about their energy usage, contributing to a greener and more efficient future.




In conclusion, the Londian LDT302 Three Phase CT & CT/PT Smart Meter offers reliable measurement functions for industrial and substation applications. With its high-precision design, plug-and-play connectivity, and wide range of applications, the LDT302 meter is a trusted solution for accurate energy monitoring. Benefit from its CT or CT/PT connection, optional auxiliary power supply, and ultra-wide voltage range. Choose Londian for your three-phase electric meter box needs and experience reliable and efficient energy management in industrial and substation environments.

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