Exploring Londian’s Single Phase Electric Meter: Reliable Measurement for Residential Buildings

In the ever-evolving world of energy management, Londian‘s LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for residential buildings. Our company takes pride in offering this advanced metering technology that provides stable and accurate measurement for a variety of residential environments. Whether it’s apartments, school dormitories, or civil site locations, our LD106 meter is widely used and trusted for its exceptional performance. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits of Londian’s LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter.

Understanding Londian’s LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter

Our LD106 1 phase electricity meter is designed to deliver stable and reliable measurement capabilities specifically tailored for residential buildings. It ensures accurate energy consumption tracking, enabling utilities and residents to monitor and manage their energy usage effectively. This smart meter for electricity is widely deployed in apartments, school dormitories, and civil site environments, thanks to its robust performance and versatility.


The LD106 meter comes with essential parameters that make it suitable for a wide range of applications. It operates within a reference voltage range of 220-240V, with an operating range of 0.7Un-1.3Un. The current range options include 5(40)A, 5(60)A, and 5(80)A, ensuring compatibility with various residential energy requirements. In terms of measurement accuracy, the LD106 meter boasts Class 1/Class B accuracy for active energy and Class 2 accuracy for reactive energy measurement. These parameters ensure precise and reliable data collection.


Key Features of Londian’s LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter

Our LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter is packed with features that enhance its performance and security. One of the standout features is its safe and reliable postpayment mode, allowing utilities and residents to accurately measure and track energy consumption for billing purposes. Additionally, the meter incorporates multiple anti-tamper features, including load unbalance detection, covers open detection, magnetic field detection, and neutral detection. These features provide enhanced security to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.


To facilitate seamless communication and connectivity, the LD106 meter offers multiple communication interfaces. It includes an infrared port and an optional RS485 port, enabling easy data exchange and integration with other systems. Moreover, the meter is equipped with multifunction output interfaces, allowing for expanded functionality and integration into various energy management systems. These features ensure compatibility and flexibility in the deployment of the LD106 meter.


Benefits of Londian’s LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter

The LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter from Londian offers several benefits that empower utilities and residents in their energy management endeavors. One notable advantage is its ultra-wide voltage range, which enables the meter to adapt to different voltage levels commonly found in residential settings. This versatility ensures reliable and accurate measurements across various electrical supply conditions.


Furthermore, the LD106 meter complies with the DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) and IEC1107 standards, ensuring interoperability and compatibility with other smart grid systems. This compatibility allows for seamless integration into existing infrastructure and facilitates efficient data exchange and analysis.


Additionally, the LD106 meter features an exchangeable battery, providing convenience and ease of maintenance. The ability to replace the battery ensures uninterrupted operation and longevity of the meter, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.



In conclusion, Londian’s LD106 Single Phase Electric Meter offers a reliable and efficient solution for energy measurement in residential buildings. With its stable and accurate performance, along with its advanced features like multiple anti-tamper functionalities and versatile communication interfaces, the LD106 meter is a trusted choice for utilities and residents alike. Enjoy the benefits of an ultra-wide voltage range, DLMS conformance, and an exchangeable battery, all designed to simplify energy management and enable efficient resource allocation. Trust Londian for your single-phase electric meter needs and experience the difference in accurate and reliable energy measurement.

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