Londian Energy Management Systems: Optimizing Efficiency and Control

At Londian, we, as one of the prominent smart electricity meter manufacturers, believe that efficient energy management is the key to a sustainable future. Our energy management software is designed to optimize efficiency and provide seamless control over energy consumption. With our software, businesses and organizations can monitor, analyze, and manage their energy usage effectively. By harnessing the power of data, our energy management software empowers users to make informed decisions and drive operational efficiency.

Energy Management Software: Empowering Seamless Control

The Londian Energy Management Software is a comprehensive solution that offers a range of features to meet the diverse needs of our clients. It provides real-time monitoring and reporting of energy usage, allowing users to identify areas of inefficiency and implement corrective measures. Our software also enables remote control of energy-consuming devices, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience in managing energy consumption.


LonV+ Vending System: Simplifying Token Generation and Management

As part of our energy management systems, Londian offers the LonV+ Vending System. This system is specifically designed to simplify the generation and management of tokens for prepaid services such as electricity, water, gas, and more. Through LonV+, our clients can effortlessly generate credit, rekey, and management tokens in compliance with the Transfer Standard (STS) specifications.


The energy management software LonV+ Vending System is built with a user-friendly interface and offers seamless integration with other systems. It supports an IEC61968 web service interface, allowing for easy integration with various platforms. Our system also features a distributed architecture that supports horizontal and vertical expansion, making it scalable to meet the growing needs of our clients. With support for debt management, installment management, and multi-tenant/organization management, LonV+ provides a comprehensive solution for efficient token management.


LonH+ Head End System (HES): Integrating Intelligent Measuring Instruments

At Londian, we understand the importance of integrating intelligent measuring instruments into energy management systems. That’s why we offer the LonH+ Head End System (HES), an intelligent measuring instrument integration platform. LonH+ supports multiple instrument vendors and enables seamless integration of intelligent measuring instruments in accordance with international standards and protocols.


With over 20 years of experience, Londian has developed a sustainable AMI ecosystem with open systems integration standards. LonH+ provides a robust communication and data services platform for Meter Data Management (MDM), billing, CIS, mobile applications, and more. The system’s open and universal nature allows for integration with utility devices that meet international and regional standards, ensuring compatibility and interoperability. LonH+ is designed to enhance efficiency, intelligence, performance, availability, and security within energy management systems.


LonM+ Data Management System: Streamlining Data Collection and Analysis

Data is at the heart of effective energy management, and Londian’s LonM+ Data Management System (MDMS) streamlines the collection, storage, and processing of data from smart metering systems. LonM+ collects data from electricity, water, gas, and heat meters, providing valuable information for billing, customer service, fault management, and other utility applications.


With LonM+, our clients gain access to a powerful platform for data analysis and reporting. The system enables efficient data aggregation, ensuring accurate and reliable information for decision-making. LonM+ supports seamless integration with other systems, allowing for a comprehensive view of energy usage and enabling proactive energy management strategies.



In conclusion, Londian’s energy management systems are designed to optimize efficiency and provide seamless control over energy consumption. With our Energy Management Software, LonV+ Vending System, LonH+ Head End System (HES), and LonM+ Data Management System, we empower businesses and organizations to monitor, analyze, and manage their energy usage effectively. Choose Londian for innovative solutions that redefine energy management and contribute to a sustainable future.

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