Londian Battery Energy Storage System: Empowering Sustainable Energy Solutions

At Londian, we, as one of the top 10 smart meter manufacturers in China, take pride in offering our advanced V Series Energy Storage solutions, designed to provide reliable and sustainable low-voltage battery energy storage systems for both residential and commercial use. Our V Series batteries utilize cutting-edge lithium-ion phosphate technology, ensuring high energy density and an extended cycle life.

V Series Energy Storage: Reliable Low-Voltage Solutions for Residential and Commercial Use

With Londian’s V Series Energy Storage, customers can harness the power of renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint. These batteries are an excellent choice for those looking to optimize their energy costs while contributing to a greener future. Whether it’s a residential solar system, commercial storage solution, or battery energy storage system, our V Series batteries are versatile and suitable for various applications.


The key features of our V Series Energy Storage include its compact design, allowing for easy installation in different spaces. Its low-voltage capabilities ensure safe and efficient operation, providing peace of mind to our customers. Additionally, the V Series batteries are engineered to deliver consistent performance and a long cycle life, ensuring reliable energy storage for years to come.


W Series Energy Storage: Compact Wall-Mounting Systems with High IP Ratings

Londian’s W Series Energy Storage offers compact and space-efficient solutions for energy storage needs. Designed for wall-mounting, these systems come with high IP67 IP ratings, making them dust-tight and resistant to heavy rainfall. Homeowners seeking energy efficiency and convenience will find our W Series batteries a perfect fit.


The W Series Energy Storage systems provide homeowners with a more convenient option for storing their excess energy. By mounting these compact systems on their walls, customers can optimize space utilization while ensuring the safety and protection of their battery units. The high IP ratings guarantee that the batteries remain secure and operational even in challenging weather conditions.


Our W Series Energy Storage systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing battery energy storage systems, including solar panels and grid connections. With Londian’s W Series batteries, homeowners can maximize their energy savings, reduce reliance on the grid, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


H Series Energy Storage: High-Voltage Stackable and Expandable Systems

Londian’s H Series Energy Storage represents a significant advancement in battery technology. These high-voltage battery energy storage systems offer stackable and expandable designs, empowering customers to customize their energy storage capacity according to their specific requirements. With IP65 IP ratings, the H Series batteries are resistant to dust and water, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.


The stackable and expandable nature of our H Series Energy Storage systems provides homeowners with unparalleled flexibility. As energy needs change over time, our customers can easily increase their storage capacity by adding more units to their existing setup. This scalability allows for greater energy independence, enabling customers to adapt to evolving energy demands.


The H Series Energy Storage systems are engineered to deliver superior performance and efficiency. By storing excess energy during times of low demand, homeowners can optimize their energy usage and reduce their reliance on the grid. With Londian’s H Series batteries, customers can achieve greater sustainability and take control of their energy consumption.



In conclusion, Londian’s Battery Energy Storage System offers a range of solutions designed to empower sustainable energy practices. With our V, W, and H Series Energy Storage systems, customers can enjoy reliable, compact, and high-performance battery solutions for their residential and commercial energy needs. Choose Londian for cutting-edge energy storage technology that drives sustainability and energy independence.

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